np4 with a split coil nj4sv bridge pickup as a set

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Combination P & J pickup set made up of NP4 P style pickup and NJ4SV bridge pickup set

Split coil 4 string precision-type bass pickup

This is a faithful reproduction of one of the most famous pickups in the world. It will give a very big and full tone with the slightly hollow grind that the originals are known for. Includes black covers (exposed pole pieces).

Humbucking split coil 4 string jazz-type bass pickup

These are a split coil hum canceling design. This pickup is designed to have a tone as close as possible to the NJ4 single coils. They have a similar clarity and bottom, and have a good clean growl with the same interactive quality that all our alnico pickups are known to have. They are also totally humcancelling, and great for commonly noisy live situations.


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