Big Split Single Coil Set – custom for Ibanez SRFF805 Fanned Fret Bass

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This is the bass the writer plays, and our talks with Nordstrand centered around this bass.   I liked the bass, but the stock pickups were so-so, and NOBODY makes a pickup to fit (the original Bartolini’s are a custom size).  Nordstrand was able to make a custom big split that EXACTLY fits this bass.  The sound in this bass is simply amazing, both in the passive mode, or using the active electronics.  So, we ordered some extras, as the feedback we see online for this bass is that people like it in general, but are not that impressed with the pickups.  It does bump the price of the bass by 30%, but any other fanned fret bass that sounds this good will still cost significantly more.

What are they?  A big split single coil – yes – a split single coil so no hum or buzz like standard single coil pickups, but full of that single coil clarity and punch.

These are what are called a “raw” pickup – no plastic cover, as the production scale is not large enough to justify the plastic cover.  The pickup is wrapped, as you can see in the pictures.

From Nordstrand’s own website on the big splits:

“These are a split coil version of the Big Single. They are very close to the Big Single tonally with a full rich pallette.  They use the same magnet layout as the Big Single, and the resultantly big coil is about as much single coil pickup that can be packaged in a soap-bar cover. This is the ultimate pickup for the Jazz Bass®-on-steroids tone purist”


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