Well, we gave it a good run, but we couldn't make it fly. Nope, didn't go under or anything like that (this was run as a sideline to our main business :www.woodworkerspecialties.com) but there are just so many importers of guitars at this time that the sales volume just didn't justify the inventory and marketing. We will continue marketing the strings (Sfarzo, Scalar, and some Snake oil - if you haven't tried these you really need to take a look!), some guitar hardware, and we're still around to answer questions.

If you are looking at a used Levi out there somewhere, here is a list of the popular models and the prices we were selling them for - just for reference! This is base model pricing - with Kent Armstrong pickups add $60 - $100, with actual Kluson Tuners add about $50. The price included a hard shell case, and a full set up including fret leveling and orange drop tone capacitors.  

DD59A&B (Stat style) $249
TD86A, B, and C (Tele Style) $279
JM96A (SG style) $359
MM86A (Les Paul Style) $359
EC92A (Hollowbody Les Paul Style) $419
BR82A (ES335 Style) $419
ER94A (ES175 Style) $419
RE59A (4 String Bass Jazz type) $329
RE59B (5 string Bass Jazz type) $359
RE59C (5 string fretless bass) $379
CE86A (PRS type) $399
RM60A Acoustic $329
RM60B Acoustic $499
RM60C Acoustic $499
Rose Acoustic $899

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