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Acoustic and Electric strings that are truly a string apart


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Acoustic Strings
SFT Bronze, V-String Vintage, Alloy 5109, Empyrean, and Signature Pro
Electric Strings
SFT Screamers, V-String Vintage, Alloy 5109, Nickelanium, and Signature Pro

Shortly after our start in 2010, while setting up the guitars we were importing at the time, we quickly found that STRINGS could make a huge difference in how an instrument sounded and played. We had originally been using a common brand name string, and someone suggested we try the Sfarzo SFT series on our electrics.

Stringing up identical guitars with Sfarzo and Other Most Popular Brand Name, we found a big difference in the sound output, overall brightness, and a tight bottom end that we had never heard before on our own guitars. That led to more research and experimenting, and no small amount of customer feedback as we began to promote these strings. Sfarzo also recommended we distribute the Snake Oil strings, which are every bit as good as advertised (again, based on our own use and customer feedback). We have now also added Scalar strings, and we will be expanding this line as demand permits.

We no longer market the guitars (we quickly found the market awash in lesser known brand names), the momentum stayed on and grew for the strings.

We have expanded our line of both the Sfarzo and Snake Oil, and managed to hold the pricing where you are not paying a large premium for simply better strings. And because strings are small and easy to ship, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders as low as $11.99 to any address in Canada or the USA.

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